Inherited Ataxias

Ataxia means 'lack of coordination' and it is a symptom of many conditions. These are placed into the broad groups below. 

Hereditary ataxias - including Friedreich's ataxia, spinocerebellar ataxias and episodic ataxias (but excluding ataxia-telangiectasia*)
Idiopathic progressive ataxias - forms of cerebellar ataxia associated with neurodegeneration of unknown etiology
Specific neurological disorders in which progressive ataxia is the dominant symptom eg cerebellar variant of MSA
Other causes of ataxia
Vascular, Inflammatory (eg multiple sclerosis), Traumatic, Metabolic, Developmental, Toxic / drug-related (eg alcohol), Neoplastic / paraneoplastic, Epilepsy (in children), Infectious

The MDA offers support for Hereditary Ataxias and Idiopathic Progressive Ataxias only. Specific neurological disorders will have their own support networks as will other causes. 

Useful Websites

The National Ataxia Foundation - USA -

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