Inclusion Body Myositis

What is Inclusion Body Myositis?

Sporadic Inclusion Body Myositis (s-IBM) is an inflammatory muscle condition that is characterized by the progressive weakness and wasting of muscles (atrophy). The name was derived from the presence of abnormal bodies containing protein and inflammation in the muscles. s-IBM primarily affects the limbs of an individual, and to a lesser extent, other muscles of the body. (This is not to be confused with the inherited condition Inclusion Body Myopathy which does not have any associated inflammation). For more information about Inclusion Body Myositis click here.

Useful Websites  - the New Zealand Organisation for Rare Disorders website provides information on a number of rare disorders, a directory of support groups, practical advice, health and disability resources, research information, news and issues.  - the MDA USA website has an extensive site with plenty of further information on any muscular dystrophy conditions as well as research news.  - the Myositis Association website which provides information on several types of inflammatory muscle disease