Myasthenia Gravis

What is Myasthenia Gravis?

Myasthenia Gravis (MG) is a chronic auto-immune neuromuscular disorder that leads to rapid weakness and fatigue of the voluntary muscles of the body. Characteristically, individuals with MG experience muscle weakness that increases during periods of activity and improves after periods of rest. For more information about myasthenia gravis click here.

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Medications to avoid: Important Statement

Many different drugs have been associated with worsening myasthenia gravis (MG). However, these drug associations do not necessarily mean that a patient with MG should not be prescribed these medications because in many instances the reports are very rare and in some instances they might only be a "chance" association (i.e. not causal). Also some of these drugs may be necessary for a patient's treatment. Therefore, some of these drugs should not necessarily be considered "off limits" for MG patients. Careful thought needs to go into decisions about prescription. It is advisable that patients and physicians recognize and discuss the possibility that a particular drug might worsen the patient's MG. They should also consider, when appropriate, the pros and cons of an alternate treatment, if available. It is important that the patient notify his or her physicians if the symptoms of MG worsen after starting any new medication. We are only listing the more common prescription drugs with the strongest evidence suggesting an association with worsening MG.
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Health Care Professionals

The international formal consensus of MG experts intends to be a guide for clinicians caring for patients with MG worldwide.
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