Muscular Dystrophies

Diseases of the Motor Neurons

  • Type 1 Infantile Progressive SMA/Werdnig Hoffmann Disease
  • Type 2 Intermediate SMA
  • Type 3 Juvenile SMA/Kugelberg-Welander syndrome
  • Type 4 Adult SMA
  • Spinal Bulbar Muscular Atrophy (SBMA) / Kennedy's Disease and X-linked SBMA 

Diseases of the Peripheral Nerve

  • Dejerine-Sottas Disease (CMT Type 3)
  • Hereditary Sensory Neuropathy 

Inflammatory Myopathies

Diseases of the Neuromuscular Junction

  • Lambert-Eaton Syndrome

Inherited Ataxias


Myopathies - ALL TYPES which includes: 

Metabolic Diseases of the Muscle - ALL TYPES which includes:

Hereditary Spastic Paraplegias - ALL TYPES

Also called Familial Spastic Paraparesis

    Neurocutaneous Syndromes

    • Central Cavernous Hemangioma

    Leucodystrophies - ALL TYPES

    • Adrenoleucodystrophy

    • Adrenomyeloneuropathy

    • Metachromatic Leucodystrophy

    Last reviewed 21 APRIL 2016

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