National Council 2020

The National AGM was held on the 24th April 2020 online via web-conferencing for members and staff to join remotely.
Members and supporters were in attendance, including former National Council Chairperson, Helen Melrose.
Trevor Jenkin presented his Chairperson’s Report and noted the highlights as:

  • Promoting access to new treatments for SMA and other neuromuscular conditions has been a strong focus for 2019, and we look forward to continued collaborations in this space.
  • The 60th Jubilee in August 2019 celebrating our 60th anniversary as an Incorporated Society with an Education Seminar and 60th Jubilee event held to celebrate the milestone.
  • The Association invested heavily into membership services with a one-off grant to branches for fieldwork service.
  • Despite it being yet another tough year economically, we still achieved our fundraising targets
Due to the resignations of Jan Daly and Brent Walker, and two Councillor-at-Large position terms ending, four National Councillor positions were up for election. Trevor Jenkin confirmed that the nominations for the position of Councillor-at-Large, National Council were Anna Davies, Doris Hanham, Scott Boyle and Yaz Dolbel-Neville.

  Newly elected councillors are:

  • Anna Davis (Auckland) - Councillor at Large
  • Doris Hanham (Wellington) - Councillor at Large
  • Scott Boyle (Christchurch)   - Councillor at Large
  • Yaz Dolbel-Neville  (Bay of Plenty)  - Councillor at Large

To view the 2018 annual report, click here.
To view the 2020 AGM Minutes, click here.

Election process for National Councillors

Nominations process

In March each year we call for nominations to fill positions on National Council, as elected members reach the end of their two year term. Elected members can stand for re-election, however all people wanting to stand for National Council must meet eligibility criteria, complete an official nomination form and be nominated and seconded by current members of MDANZ.  

Voting process

If more nominations are received than positions available, we will conduct a ballot to elect National Council members.  Only formally registered members of MDANZ may vote during National Council elections.  Friends of the Association may not.  Only Rangatahi members aged 16-25 years may vote for the Rangatahi Representative.

Find out more

If you are interested in the role of the National Council and would like to find out more, please contact the National Chief Executive at National Office by phoning 0800 800 337 or email us at [email protected]