National Council 2021

The National AGM was held on April 30, 2021 online via web-conferencing for members and staff to join remotely.
Tristram Ingham presented his Chairperson’s Report.

Tristram spoke to MDANZ’s response to its values - sustainable, empowering, connected and proactive.
He spoke about the organisation remaining sustainable throughout the disruption Covid-19 caused, how staff, and members, adjusted to remote working, about diversifying the organisation’s revenue and its contact centre.
Tristram said MDANZ was empowering members through a digital inclusion project, accessible transport and funding for research, and he referenced the importance of being, and staying, connected through peer support, the DPO Coalition, the Workbridge Council and the Neurological Alliance.
He also covered off MDANZ’s proactive work around Enabling Good Lives Prototyping, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), the Disability Action Plan and the Pandemic Response.

Tristram did not stand for re-election as National Executive Chairperson.
Mike Nolan (Canterbury Branch) was elected unopposed as National Chairperson and Trevor Jenkin (Northern Branch) was elected unopposed as National Vice Chairperson.  

Due to the resignations of Anna Davis and one councillor's two-year term ending, two Councillor-at-Large positions were up for election. Nominations for the position of Councillor-at-Large were received for Tony Antunovich (Northern Branch), Joy Jenkin (Northern Branch), and Joel Latimer (Central Branch).
As three nominations were received for the two vacancies, an election was held. 

The newly elected councillors are:

  • Tony Antunovich
  • Joy Jenkin

The full National Council is:

  • Mike Nolan (Canterbury Branch) - National Chairperson
  • Trevor Jenkin (Northern Branch) - National Vice-Chairperson
  • Tony Antunovich (Northern Branch) - Councillor at Large
  • Scott Boyle (Canterbury Branch) - Councillor at Large
  • Yasmin Dolbel-Neville (Northern Branch) - Councillor at Large
  • Doris Hanham (Central Branch) - Councillor at Large
  • Joy Jenkin (Northern Branch) - Councillor at Large
  • TBC - Northern Branch Representative
  • Tristram Ingham - Central Branch Representative
  • TBC - Canterbury Branch Representative
  • Mike Nolan - Southern Branch Representative
  • Vacant - Rangatahi Representative

* To view the 2020 AGM Minutes, click here.

Election process for National Councillors

Nominations process

In March each year we call for nominations to fill positions on National Council, as elected members reach the end of their two year term. Elected members can stand for re-election, however all people wanting to stand for National Council must meet eligibility criteria, complete an official nomination form and be nominated and seconded by current members of MDANZ.

Voting process

If more nominations are received than positions available, we will conduct a ballot to elect National Council members.  Only formally registered members of MDANZ may vote during National Council elections.  Friends of the Association may not.  Only Rangatahi members aged 16-25 years may vote for the Rangatahi Representative.

Find out more

If you are interested in the role of the National Council and would like to find out more, please contact the National Support Office by phoning 0800 800 337 or email us at [email protected]