Interested in setting up a MDA member led support group?

If you are a member of the MDA and interested in supporting people in a situation similar to yours then you are looking at creating an MDA member led support group.



 Support groups - also often referred to as self-help groups - are groups of people who gather to share common problems and experiences associated with a particular problem, condition, illness, or personal circumstance. In a support group, people are able to talk with other people who are like themselves - people who truly understand what they're going through and can share the type of practical insights that can only come from first-hand experience.

 Some of the common characteristics of MDA member led support groups include:

•          They are made up of peers - people who are all directly affected by a particular issue, illness, orcircumstance

•          They usually have a volunteer MDA member as the facilitator

•          They tend to be fairly small in size, to better allow everyone a chance to talk

•          Attendance is voluntary

If you are interested the best person to talk to is your local MDA Feildworker. For more information about what might be involved or questions to consider please click here. 

Disclaimer: Support groups that are led by MDA members are not legally a part of the MDA NZ Ltd and as such they cannot use the MDA name or logo as part of their identity. The MDA will assist as appropriate in offering these support groups to the MDA members and assisting with information and guest speakers for the meetings but cannot be held accountable for actions undertaken at these support groups.