Children with special educational needs

Your local MDA Fieldworker is familar with these services and is happy to give talks at your child's education centre as well as assist with pratical ways to communication with teachers, other students and their parents.

This is extracted from the Carers Guide provided by the Ministry of Social Development. There is more detail about what each of these options entailed in the guide. Click here to be taken to the guide page.

Help is available if your child has education needs related to their disability.

It starts before your child starts school
Support is available for children from the time they are born. The Ministry of Education's special education services' staff or service providers work with children with moderate to severe special education needs at home or in kindergartens, early childhood education and care centres, and Kohanga Reo.

What help is available?
Services can include:
• advice for teachers and parents
• information about play techniques to teach the child new skills (drawing, blocks etc)
• ways to improve social and learning skills and manage behaviour (how to reinforce good behaviour,  language to use when talking with your child etc)
• speech language therapy (helping your child learn to swallow better, gain language skills etc)
• education support workers (helping your child one-to-one at their early childhood education centre)
• developing special resources such as communication aids (special picture-based communication boards to help your child communicate if they can't speak etc)
• co-ordinating physiotherapy, occupational therapy and equipment (working with your health and disability therapists if required).

Who to contact
If you are concerned about your child's learning:
• talk to your Plunket nurse, Parents as First Teachers educator, Iwi Health Authority or early childhood education service (for preschoolers)
• talk to the classroom or form teacher or the school principal (for children at primary or secondary school), or the school's Special Education Needs Co-ordinator if the school has one
• talk to your family doctor
• contact the Ministry of Education's special education information line 0800 622 2220800 622 222.

University Scholarships

Having just that little bit more financial help when going to University would be great. Check out this link to the options availble at several universities - click here