Glycogen Storage Disease Type III (GSDIII)

What is GSDIII also called Cori Disease, Forbe's Disease or Debrancher Enzyme Deficiency?

Glycogen Storage Disease type 3 is an inherited condition caused by a defect in a gene that controls the breakdown of a complex sugar called glycogen in the body's cells. Because the glycogen can not break down the accumulated glycogen is structurally abnormal and impairs the function of certain organs and tissues, especially the liver and muscles. It is also called Cori Disease, Forbe's Disease or Debrancher Enzyme Deficiency. For more information on Glycogen Storage Disease Type 3 click here. 

Vaccination Recommendations

It is recommended that all vaccinations be kept up-to-date and that the Helpatisis B Vaccine also be considered. For general vaccination recommendation for people with a neuromuscular condition please click here.

Respiratory Care

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Support Groups

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